As Albert Einstein pointed out: “Creativity is just intelligence having fun”, I believe that in order to be most efficient together, humour is the key to break the ice between people in any working environment. Experience tells that the creative outcome of a workshop grows proportionally with the confidence within the group. In order to do so, I offer coaching classes in English, German or French with improvisational theatre and experimental music exercises, community games, concentration and pitching tasks with the goal to turn hesitation into motivation and stage fright into the desire to perform. It is an effective alternative training method for companies to improve social skills by creating a friendly welcoming environment where every mistake makes absolute sense.


“Gregor hat es geschafft, eine Gruppe von Führungskräften mit einer gewissen Leichtigkeit dahin zu bringen, Risiken einzugehen, die eigene Komfort-Zone zu verlassen und zu erleben, wie daraus ein kreatives Team werden kann.”
Dr. Tobias Kiefer, Chairman & Leadership Catalyst, Q5 95 GmbH

the workshop with Gregor was absolutely incredible! Gregor was able to find the right exercise for every single participant, putting us outside the comfort zone but also helping us to master the situation. I must say that even after one year I still benefit from what I learned with Gregor. And last but not least, it was great fun!
Flavio, CEO, Rokka Solutions GmbH Bonn

“Gregor’s improvisation workshop still excites me. He helped me to gain stage confidence and brought a can-do-attitude to my performance.
And it was so much fun!”

Alexander, MD, Einfach-Machen-Lassen, Innoserv GmbH Berlin

“amazingly inspiring and fun evening! This should be a mandatory event”
Luisa, Chief Operating Officer, Startupbootcamp Berlin